GSM Mystery Road Trip


The Mystery Road Trip is quickly approaching and I am hyperventalating!  Below you should see two things.  First, your packing list for your teens.  They will need to have their stuff pre-packed and to me at 51 Industrial Blvd by June 19th by 11am (You can drop it off earlier in the week if necessary).  If they skip this step it will cost you $69.  Don’t forget, they leave on the 21st and rejoin their luggage that evening.  Second, you should have already filled out your Gateway Medical Release Form for the year.  Please submit it to me ASAP!!!  Third there is a mandatory Zoom Meeting for the Mystery Road Trip, Monday, June 14th at 7pm.  This meeting is for last minute questions regarding the meeting.  If there is anything you can do to help me it is fill out your medical release form and also have either a copy of their birth certificate/school id/learner’s permit/driver’s license for their trip.  They will need one of these to accompany them on the first leg of their journey.

Mystery Road Trip Packing List (pack as minimal as possible): 

– Modest Swimsuit (Our rule for Church trips is boys and girls wear a t-shirt/tank-top over their swimsuit.

– Sleeping Bag and Pillow

– 2 Towels and Toiletries (Deoderant is MANDATORY)

– 1 poncho

– 1 pair Comfortable Tennis Shoes (mandatory-not doing this might exclude them from an activity)

– Sandals/flip-flops are ok, but they will still need one pair of tennis shoes

– 5 Shorts (Modest shorts, no daisy dukes up on this trip) and 5 Shirts for 5 days (Try to fit it all in a small luggage or backpack of possible)

– $100 per person for both trip costs and trinkets for them.  If you wish to give them more, I would only give them up to $50 extra (that wouldn’t be a bad idea)

– Phone Chargers

To receive an invitation for the Zoom meeting, contact Jeremy Kughn!

Author: Gateway Student Ministry

Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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