Gateway Camp Packing List!

Camp 2021 Packing List

Hey all! Here is your packing list for this year!

-All bedding (including sheets, blankets, pillow)
-All toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, moisturizers, sunscreen, hair brush, deodorant, feminine products, dental floss, deodorant, etc.)
We recommend a few towels (a couple for the shower and one for the pool). There is clothesline’s available (I should know…I ran into one).
-Misc. Items (bug spray, sunglasses, refillable water bottle, hats)
The cabins ARE air conditioned but fans are welcome to bring if your camper wants one.

Most Campers will wear two outfits a day, with a few extra’s just in case there is rain (I would recommend a couple of extras for this reason).
Clothing needs to be very comfortable, for the heat, the athletics and so forth.
T-shirts and shorts for every day. Shorts need to be appropriate length (mainly they need to be seen under the t-shirt). Tank tops that have 1 inch straps and are cut directly underneath the arm pit are acceptable.
Tennis shoes, sandals, shower shoes
Swim Suits (swimming is NOT co-ed)
Rain Jacket (we tend to get daily showers)
Dirty Clothes Bag/Hamper

Special Clothes:
Tuesday Night is a Luau so Hawaiian Shirts are HIGHLY recommended.
There will be TWO nights for black out clothing/camo nights (Monday Night and Wednesday Night). Recommended pair of pants that can be worn both nights but two different shirts (for smell purposes). 

Each teen can bring one plain white shirt for a game.
One (or two) pair of clothes that can get dirty/muddy/covered in paint.

Thursday Night Banquet: This one is going to be fun. We are asking everyone to dress up as their favorite ARTIST/PIECE OF ART/MUSICIAN/ or anything else creative in the artistic world. As you can see, Art can be actual painting/sculpting/music. We do ask that discretion and wisdom is used in what your camper dresses as. For example, we are asking that NO ONE show up as the statue of David. We are looking for clever takes on some things. For example:
Van Gogh (bandage around the head because of the no ear thing)
“The Screaming Man” painting
The Ninja Turtles (named after Artist)
The Mona Lisa.
Or just splatter your face with paint and come as a Jackson Pollack piece. 
If you have questions or need more clarification, let me know.
This is NOT mandatory at all. It’s just some fun we like to have.

Bible Class/Worship:
PHYSICAL BIBLES (we are formulating a limited cell phone situation so we are asking everyone bring a hand held bible. If your camper does not have one, please let us know and we will be happy to provide one)
NOTEBOOK (Each 7-12th grader should have a GSM journal. For 4-6th graders, a standard notebook will be fine)

Author: Gateway Student Ministry

Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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