Gateway Student Ministry Going Forward!

We have had an amazing summer and we are so thankful that so many people stepped up to make it so. Relationships were created and strengthened and we feel great coming into the school year.

After the summer bash on August 8th, we will be taking a formal “break” from Student Ministry events for the month of August and into September. A major reason for that is we are officially able to move into our new building during this month and will be scheduling many trainings, learning how everything works and planning for other ministry opportunities. The important thing to hear though, is not “there are no Youth functions” but how can my family get involved in these trainings and new endeavors. At Gateway, we have strived to NOT create a “silo ministry” with our youth, detaching them from the inner workings of everything else happening at our gathering. There have been many buzzwords for this (intergenerational, organic, etc) but the truth of the matter is, being a member of Gateway is being a member of Gateway as a Body of Christ, a Kingdom focused gathering in the name of Jesus meant to encourage, equip and lead us down the path of spiritual transformation, not just being a member of the one ministerial area that fits your age demographic. So, this break is from formal Student Ministry events but it will be anything but a BREAK from hitting the ground running as a body of Christ located right in the heart of our own community.

We will not have life groups or Wednesday night bible classes until September, in which we will hopefully be back to a more regular schedule with an actual facility (how exciting). Please take advantage of the trainings (dates below) as well as the Envision Class Series on Gateway’s Youtube channel from Seth and Jeremy. The content in that series is Church Wide and vastly important.

A few upcoming dates to put in your calendar:

-August 14th – Hospitality Training – 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. (Let Seth know which time)
-This training will cover parking lot, lobby greeters, information desk, CONNECT Teams, Children’s Check in and hallway helpers and more. Its an all encompassing time to learn about the various workings of Gateway and we highly recommend everyone be a part of it!
There will be MORE trainings scheduled for other areas (such as leading worship for the GCM, Service ministries and so forth) so be listening out for those.

August 29 – Soft Opening – Worship Only followed by light refreshments and building tours.

September 1-18 – We will look at scheduling a few get togethers at the building here, with basketball and volleyball happening, as well as some other things so our young people can get the feel of the space. Be listening out!

September 19 – Grand opening of Gateway
-Complete with Bible Classes for ALL ages (Nursersy – Adult). At this point, we are running on all cylinders.

September 22 – First Wednesday Night Bible Class and Worship at the new Building! We finally get to go back to seeing each other regularly at our own space!

Sanctuary – We will be bringing Sanctuary back once a month for a time of Worship as a church! Dates will be announced.

October 22-23 – Gateway Student Ministry Fall Retreat – Theme-TBD
Location: Camp Wiregrass in Enterprise, Alabama

October 30 – Gateway Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat

Month of December – Student Ministry Christmas Party

January 28-31 – Rock the Universe – Orlando, Florida – Family Trip

This calendar is NOT all inclusive of everything we will have planned, but will give you a general idea (in addition to regular Life Groups, Sunday Morning Bible class and Wednesday Night bible class).

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Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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