GSM Summer 2022

We wanted to give everyone the heads up about our four major Summer activities for the upcoming year. This doesn’t include all activities, including local hang outs, regular meeting times, service and so forth but it does let you formulate your calendars and see the cost for the major events.

GSM Summer 2022

Here are the four major events for the summer with dates and cost, as well as chaperoning/mentoring/counselor needs.

GSM Mystery Road Trip
June 7-13th
Cost: $250

Another cross country extravaganza, full of laughter, memories and exciting new locales. A great way to kick start the summer with tons of moments of relational growth.

After much deliberation, we have decided to take IMPACT off the Calendar. We are looking at doing a Summer Retreat around the same time. The dates have been set and we will get details out soon!

GSM Summer Retreat
Official Dates: June 20-22
Cost: $75 per person

A focused time of spiritual growth, worship and fellowship in the middle of the Summer. We will need Chaperones.

Roatan Honduras Mission Trip
June 30 – July 6
Cost: Determined through Jeremy*

*This trip’s participants should have already contacted Jeremy and will receive communication from him directly going forward.

Gateway Camp
July 17-July 22
Cost: $150

We all know what camp is! We are beyond excited for another amazing year of spiritual growth, fun and amazing food!


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Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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