Gateway Youth Minister Position Opening

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description: Youth Minister

Focus: To partner with the Gateway Church of Christ staff in leading the members at Gateway into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. To work mostly with the 7-12th grade teenagers and their families to always strive to know Christ more and more through mentoring, discipleship, biblical growth, and more. To also work closely in other ministerial areas as part of the collective vision of Gateway.

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Train and recruit volunteers for efficient implementation of church programs.
  • Provide counseling to youths and help them realize their individual goals.
  • Administer and plan numerous youth programs like service projects, retreats, mission trips, and Bible study sessions.
  • Coordinate with parents of youth group members regarding their children’s involvement and participation in the church.
  • Assist in writing, organizing and compiling curriculum.
  • Participate and contribute to staff and church meetings.
  • Train youths on how to be future faith-filled leaders and set up programs to facilitate spiritual growth.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with various leaders in the community for purposes of swift outreach programs. 
  • Supervise Student Ministry interns and provide training and guidance as necessary.

Job Requirements: Bachelors Degree and 3-5 years experience.

Organization Information: The Gateway Church of Christ is located in Pensacola, Florida. Membership is about 350 people. It is a highly active church in all facets, including internal spiritual formations and community engagement.

Please Send Resumes to: Kellie Ward

Author: Gateway Student Ministry

Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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