Gateway Month of Service (December)

December Service
Gateway Church of Christ

In the month of December, we will have several opportunities to serve in various capacities here at Gateway. We are hoping that each family will commit to at least one of these opportunities. You will see that there are several types of service as well, ranging from physical work, to engaging the community directly to monetary service.

November 30/December 3rd – Faith Fill Up

We are partnering for the second time with Faith Health Network and All Nations Pensacola to directly provide resources and prayer to the community around us. The Faith Fill up is sponsored by Baptist, in which they provide a large number of Gas/Walmart Cards. People pull into the church, fill out a card with a line for prayer request and then they park to receive a cooked biscuit*. At that time, they can receive in person prayer from one of the people working the event.
On November 30th, we will be doing a Volunteer Training evening, as this is a complex event with many moving parts. You can sign up for that Volunteer Training (DINNER INCLUDED) by clicking RIGHT HERE!
The Event itself is December 3rd, from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Types of service include: 
Cooking and preparing breakfast (biscuits with various fillings)
Parking Lot Duty
Prayer and delivery duty

Point of Contact: Seth Madaris

December 9/December 10 – Parent University
This amazing event brings in hundreds of members of the community to receive free, professional parenting classes during the day. We hosted this event in March to great success. It also has a “job fair” dynamic to it.

Types of Service Include:
Building prep the day before (moving tables, etc) and building set up after the event
Potential food preparation/Service
On the ground presence for offering directional help, cleaning help and any thing else we can do.

Point of Contact: Seth Madaris

December 10 – Community Outreach/Camps and Corners

Our regular second Saturday outreach meal will be 100% on the road for the month of December as Parent University will be happening at the building. Camps and Corners take hot meals, hygiene bags, clothes and other things directly to areas where people need it in the community.
ONGOING DONATION: We are currently collecting camping blankets for this amazing ministry as the months get colder. We may have other donations as well.

Point of Contact: Derek Hancock

Month of December –Embrace Florida Foster Care Christmas Drive
For the last several years, we have been able to provide Christmas gifts to several Foster children currently in Foster Care in our community. The process is simple, as you will grab an ornament from one of beautiful trees in the Lobby, which will tell you exactly what type of gift to get. You then turn that into the office.

Types of Service:
Purchase gifts for Foster Children over the course of the month

Point of Contact: Jarred Watson

December 17 – Breakfast with Santa
A wonderful time for our families to enjoy a delicious breakfast and get pictures with Santa Claus! Last year, we reached out to the community to join us and it was so much fun. We hope to do the same this year!

Types of Service:
Food Preparation
Serving/Cleaning during and after the event

Point of Contact: Liz Tomlinson

December 18 – Gateway Christmas Sanctuary and Children’s Program
Our annual Christmas Sanctuary and Children’s program is always a highlight of the year in so many ways. It’s a beautiful time of worship and community and is so very encouraging.

Types of Service:
Children’s Program Help

Point of Contact: Liz Tomlinson

December 21 – GSM/GCM Christmas Caroling
A time of fun and singing around the city with a few of our Gateway Members.

Types of Service:
Route planning

Point of Contact: Seth Madaris

Author: Gateway Student Ministry

Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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