On the Importance of Bible Class!

We have started a NEW CLASS SERIES, which you can CLICK RIGHT HERE and see that information as well as a few more thoughts on Bible Class. I want to keep this up though, as we continue to focus on the priorities of spiritual growth in our teens lives.

I want to take a moment and put some emphasis on these times of teaching, gathering, worship and learning. We tend to naturally focus on the large events and the large gatherings. Retreats, camps, trips, etc. These mountain top moments are essential and vastly important. But true, sustainable growth happens in the “mundane”, “ordinary” moments of life. And this is where our regular times of meeting come in.

We don’t come together for bible class because we “have to” or because we are “required”. We come together to learn and grow because life happens in the quiet moments of our day to day lives. It happens in our text message conversations and our social media presence. It comes in how we treat each other and talk to each other. It comes in our personal times of reading the Word, being in prayer and our personal spiritual growth. Our bible classes and life groups are times that we sharpen that, refine that, challenge ourselves and each other and work towards growth.

I ask that you consider that, not only in your teens lives, but in YOUR lives. Spiritual growth will begin in the home based on what is prioritized and what is modeled.

We begin a new year soon and this is as good a time as any to begin focusing in on these moments. See you soon!

Author: Gateway Student Ministry

Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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