GSM “Stories” Spring Retreat

What are the stories that motivate us? That awaken us? That stir a passion within us, for life? Stories of overcoming great odds? Works of fiction where we see ourselves in the heroes? Larger than life stories on the movie screens? A book in our hands?

Life is full of stories that push us forward and give us purpose, energy and affirmation. And when those stories help shape us, we in turn begin our very own story…

What stories are we telling? Our social media, our friends, our vocations, everything in our life is sharing a story with others. The stories that shape us shape the stories we tell…

The ultimate story is that of Jesus and the amazing thing is, he invites us into HIS story so we can begin to shape OUR story.

Using all of the stories that shape us, we will see how God works through the world around us to help shape us in to who he wants us to be. We will then look at the stories we are telling with our lives, and ask ourselves the important question…does my story point to Christ?

Join us at Hargis Retreat Center in Chelsea, Alabama, on April 14-16th for a wonderful time of RETREAT and relaxation together. We are thrilled to be going back to Hargis after several years off and we think this will be a holy and special time of rejuvenation, reenergizing and focus.

The cost is $100.00 per student and this covers all housing, meals at the retreat center, a t-shirt and transportation. More specific details will be sent out as the sign up begins to fill up.

We are in need of chaperones to drive/mentor and be present, so please consider signing up to Chaperone as well. The deadline to sign up is April 5th.

You can sign your teen up BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE and you can also sign yourself up as a Chaperone at the same link.

If you have any questions, ask away!

Author: Gateway Student Ministry

Updates on the Gateway Student Ministry in Pensacola, Florida

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