GSM Summer 2023


We are excited about our focus this summer, as we continue looking at our 2023 theme of “Stories”. We have been asking ourselves the questions:
What stories influence and motivate us?
What stories are we telling with our lives?
How have we let the most important story of all, Jesus, change our lives?

This summer, we will be continuing these ideas with a special focus on a large group of people in scripture we are calling “The Mighty”.

When we say the word “mighty” we often think of strength, a largeness, a boldness and so forth… “Heroes” of the faith, like Paul and Peter and John and David and Abraham…
These are worthy and important heroes that have molded our faith, yes.
Often times though, our lives aren’t going to look as “mighty” as King David, or as impactful as the Apostle Paul. We live in the day to day realm of relative obscurity. But that doesn’t mean who God wants us to be doesn’t matter.
In fact, what if we are still, in God’s eyes, “The Mighty”?

We will be spending the summer looking at people in scripture we RARELY study. Some of them are mentioned briefly, by name only. Yet every single one of them allowed God to transform and use their lives in ways that BOLSTERED the Gospel and the story of God and made it so the likes of Paul and Peter and Moses could do what God had in mind for them!

Simply put, God has a story for EVERY single one of us. And it is absolutely “mighty”. And we will see this time and time again in Scripture, as we spend this summer moving through ALL of it in our Sunday morning, Life Group, Wednesday Night and retreat/camp classes and lessons and discussions.

We will be taking these stories and we will be working on three aspects of our lives:

Character: Who we are in when no one is looking.
What our minds think of that no one knows. Romans 12:1 says that we are to let God transform us by CHANGING the way we think. The thoughts we have in our mind will determine the person we are. We are to be a people of integrity. A people of Character that looks like the fruit of the Spirit. By doing that, we will position ourselves to become “mighty”.

Relationships: You are who you hang around! Our relationships mold us and form us so much more than even we may realize. We will be focusing heavily on the “church” and the “youth ministry” when it comes to relationships. Romans 12:10 says that we are to love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 tells us to encourage one another and build one another up. This is the core foundation of our relationships and it takes work!

Influences: What stories are we telling with our lives? Every single social media post, every single text/snap/message, the way we talk to one another, the things we love and the things we hate, the things we share and the things we keep hidden are all telling stories to people around us. These are influences. 2 Corinthians 3:2-3 tells us that we are a written “letter”, revealing to EVERYONE the Spirit of the Living God, at work in our world THROUGH us. We must ask ourselves…what is influencing us and how are we influencing others?

By looking at characters in Scripture we don’t normally study, we will look at their character, their relationships and their influence to see how God used them in spectacular and mighty ways and how he can do the same with us.

Gateway Camp – July 16-21

Nestled back in the woods of Lucedale, Mississippi is the Gulf Coast Bible Camp, which hosts our annual time of Camp in July.

This is a wonderful time of relationship building, starting with our relationship with God, then with one another.

Below are our Camper applications and Medical Release forms*. This needs to be filled out and turned in by June 26th. Camp is for all 4-12th grade students, using the school year 2023-2024 (and including all recently graduated Seniors).

It is a HOT but high energy time of worship, prayer and devotional, sports and crafts, swimming and running, dancing and playing, eating and laughing and more. Packing lists will go out to those that are registered so for now, just get in those applications!

Cost for camp is $150 per Camper.
*If your student already has a Medical Release form on file from a previous trip, you do not have to fill out another one. Just the application.

Welcome Gateway Summer Interns!

We want to welcome our two Interns for the summer:

Graham Thibodeaux and Mary Frances (MeMe) Burch!

Graham is a sophomore at Harding University and is from Houston, Texas. He is majoring in business marketing and administration. He loves play sports and hanging out with friends and is always excited about growing in his faith! He loves the outdoors and fishing and loves being out on the water! He is really looking forward to getting down here and jumping into the ministry!

Mary Frances, who also goes by MeMe, grew up in Huntsville, Alabama where she attended the Madison Church of Christ. She graduated from Harding THIS YEAR with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with minors in Marketing and Bible & Missions. She loves music, traveling, reading, learning about other cultures and languages, playing soccer, and everything Disney! Her favorite color is purple and her top three animals are humpback whales, hippos and pigs (in that order). She is hoping to find a job in Florida in ministry, consumer behavior, or school advising.

We are THRILLED to have these two join us for what is going to be a great summer. Go follow them on Instagram and lets get ready for a wonderful, spirit filled time of growth!