Girls and Guys Retreats

On Friday, May 24th, through the morning of Saturday, May 25th, we will be having our Girls and Guys Retreats to kick off the summer! The girls will be at the Snow’s house in Perdido where Megan Hensley will lead our teen girls through a night of fun and deep talks. As for our guys, they will be meeting at the church building for a night of cooking, video games, and small groups. Jared will be heading up the retreat for our guys. Our chaperone needs for the ladies are full, but we still need a few male chaperones for the guys. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please talk to Jared. If your teen is interested in going to either, the signup sheet can be found in the teen room. And yes, this is an overnight event!

GSM Pre-Summer Meeting

Immediately following worship on April 28th, we will be having our GSM Pre-Summer Meeting. In this meeting, we will be going over all of our upcoming events this summer in detail, talking about goals, standards, and expectations for our student ministry, and, most importantly, praying over GSM together. This meeting will be for both families with teens currently in GSM as well as families who have a child going into the youth group this summer. Food will be provided so please plan on eating at the church. Click on the link below to fill out our sign up form on Elexio. If you have any questions, talk to Jared!

Signup sheet via Elexio:

The GSM Store


Hello Everyone!
We are excited to open up our GSM Store. Throughout the year we will add new products to represent our Student Ministry in multiple ways. These products are available to anyone (NOT JUST GSM STUDENTS) so all are welcome to purchase.

Our logo above will come to represent the Gateway Student Ministry and everything we stand for as followers of Christ so I’m glad we can do that in fun ways. All of the proceeds from the store will go directly into our Mission Fund.

I will be adding a GSM Store link to the menu above so you can always reference it whenever you decide. The products will always be available until they are sold out and everything is first come first serve.

The Gateway Instagram page will also have updated pictures and you can see that on the right of this page (go and follow it for even more details).
Check out the options for Sunglasses and Fanny Packs!

If you are interested in purchasing something, you can email me using the “Contact” tab on the menu and I will have it ready for you.

Have a wonderful day!

A One Stop Shop

Our intent for this website is to keep everyone posted in yet another form of communication. Sign up sheets, information sheets, all of these things will be posted here regularly, giving everyone unlimited access to these things whenever they need them. On occasion, we will post about curriculum, intents of certain trips/events/programs, visions behind our ministry. The main idea is to have yet another form of communication for our ever growing Youth Ministry.