GSM Wednesday Night Bible Class

Most of the evenings will be hosted at the Madaris’ house. We will be spending time in focused worship together and diving into a very interactive bible study. It will be 6:00 –8:00 pm and we will announce dinner plans before the event.

I also want to specifically invite parents to join us in this time of worship and study. So, if you drive your teen, PLEASE STAY! In fact, your teen seeing you worship and studying with them could be something very special. While I do fully want our teens to be able to have their time, in this season without a building a location, I know you, as adults, need to engage in study as well. When we launch our Wednesday Nights back in the new building, we will look to doing it more as we have, but for now, in this new time, let’s think outside of the box!

Summer Wednesday Night Schedule.

June 16 – Madaris’ Home
June 30 – Special Under the Stars Worship-Click for Details
July 28 – Location TBD

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