GSM Wednesday Night Bible Class

Our Wednesday night bible classes are off to a great start and I wanted to give you a few details about what these evenings will look like.

Most of the evenings will be hosted at the Madaris’ house. We will be spending time in focused worship together and diving into a very interactive bible study. It will be 6:30 – 7:30 pm and we will provide light snacks and refreshments but we recommend eating dinner before OR bringing your own dinner (you are more then welcome to eat at our house).

I also want to specifically invite parents to join us in this time of worship and study. So, if you drive your teen, PLEASE STAY! In fact, your teen seeing you worship and studying with them could be something very special. While I do fully want our teens to be able to have their time, in this season without a building a location, I know you, as adults, need to engage in study as well. When we launch our Wednesday Nights back in the new building, we will look to doing it more as we have, but for now, in this new time, let’s think outside of the box!

For our study in the Spring, we will be taking a deep dive into the Gospel of John and the Life of Christ. We will look at two chapters per Wednesday night and will trust the students (and parents) to read the chapters before the class. We will also have some questions/discussion starters that are optional for each student. The schedule is below:

April 7 – John 5, 6
April 14 – John 7, 8
April 21 – John 9, 10
April 28 – John 11, 12
May 5 – John 13, 14, 15
May 12 – John 16, 17
May 19 – John 18, 19
May 26 – John 20, 21

Looking forward to seeing you all!